About Us

We are a team of researchers, nutritionists, doctors and a couple awesome ordinary-every-day-people. We dedicate all of our research in the hopes that others who are suffering from similar diseases can find a source of hope, and better yet, a path to recovery. We began back in 2007 as a mastermind, simply putting free medical materials online for all to read and learn about multiple diseases which we have treated before: AIDs, candida, cancer, diabetes I & II, heavy metal chelation, herpes, vitiligo, psoriasis, plantar fasciitis and more!

Our sole idea behind the creation of this website was to gather all of our research we have as a collective and start putting together multiple blogs that each address a specific illness or disease. With the idea that all the information will be free, and if others seek further professional help, we recommend some of our fellow researchers or experts we know in the field with a track-record of reversing & curing each disease.


If you wish to get any of our materials all at once (and professional consulting), we always recommend 2-3 protocols on each website. We do not offer more than that because we believe that the waters will be muddied with multiple choices and the largest factor to not recovering IS not taking action immediately.

Therefore, we find that as professionals offering more avenues for a reader/patient may ultimately be their downfall because human nature has a critical flaw of “paralysis through analysis“. If you are not immediately taking action and willing to plut your best foot forward from the start, you will have a long road to recover. In fact, 99% of all our readers would recover and become a testimonial if they simply put into action what was just inside our email newsletters!


Thankfully, our nutritionists and doctors have consulted together and found partners that are willing to support you through the first 90 days of your road to recovery. Read some our blog posts and learn more about WHO these trusted partners are (with no affiliate links).

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