Hidradenitis Suppurativa diet
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Been Diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa? Diet Can Lead to Healing!

It is surprising to think how much of an effect our own diet can have on our health. The old credo “you are what you eat” is often taken figuratively, but doctors have discovered a causative link between diets and cases of acne inversa. This has led doctors and dieticians alike to come up with a variety of holistic methods to cope with the disease and develop hidradenitis suppurativa diets to alleviate the condition in their patients.


What Should I Eat With Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

In our modern world, we have a huge variety of different foods to choose from, and a wide culinary range of different cultures. However, there are a few common types of food that have been proven and tested to help with bringing down inflammation and encouraging the repair and maintenance of the immune system. All hidradenitis suppurativa diets tend to emphasize increasing the intake of healthy foods, and these include vegetables, fruits, and complex carbohydrates like whole grains.

1. Superfoods. An affordable hidradenitis suppurativa treatment, are home remedies of different herbal concoctions like this Turmeric-Ginger Tea which has had a positive influence of HS sufferers. These can include mixtures of high vitamin-C fruits like lemon, anti-oxidants like blueberries, and strong immune boosting herbs like ginger. Basil, Turmeric and Parsley are also great when brewed into tea to fight inflammation.

2. Lots of Fresh Fruit & Vegetables. Fruits and Vegetables should be emphasized for their high nutritional content, and any hidradenitis hidradenitis suppurativa diet suppurativa diet protocol you follow should include at least six to nine servings each day. Vegetables that are particularly helpful in combatting skin diseases include brightly colored leafy vegetables like carrots, rainbow chard, spinach, cabbage, and even cucumbers. Fruits can be any kind of seasonal variety, but high anti-oxidant berries are especially beneficial. It’s best to steer clear of hot peppers and other nightshade vegetables like: bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, or Goji berries.

3. Good Oil & Fats. Fat and oils might seem like a bad idea when dealing with a condition resulting from occluded pores, but in reality there are certain types of fats that are good for the body – these can include, if you’re an omnivore, the consumption of wild, cold-water oily fishes, especially those high in long-chained omega-3 fatty acids like Alaskan Salmon or Halibut. These are proven to boost the immune system considerably (in fact, storage cells in ancient ruins in the Peruvian Andes have revealed desiccated fish eyes, a major source of omega-3s). Omega-3 fatty acids are laced with eicosanoids, or molecules designed to cut down on inflammation. If you’re a vegetarian, the hidradenitis suppurativa diet can be supplemented with seeds and nuts, like hulled hempseeds, flaxseeds and cold-pressed coconut oil.

4. Opt for Whole Grains. Carbohydrates may also seem like a bad idea, but in fact, complex carbohydrates can be beneficial, and can include quinoa, millet, barley, amaranth, and a variety of whole-grain breads, pastas and cereals. To be sure your symptoms aren’t arising from an underlining gluten allergy, we recommend the Total Elimination diet protocol for 30-60 days and see if your symptoms improve. Once your body has cleansed itself from the allergy-suspect foods, you can then begin to reintroduce food items back into your diet one at time.

5. Get Adequate Protein. When talking about healing the body, we can’t forget protein, which is a building block of muscle and tissue development. In an hidradenitis suppurativa cure, all of these different food groups need to be considered, but it is protein that is responsible for actively repairing damaged tissue. Meats can include grass-fed & hormone-free poultry, wild fish and wild game. Generally smaller servings are recommended, typically two to three daily. If you feel you need more protein or you’re a vegan, good sources of plant-based protein are sunflower seeds, almonds, hemp protein powder, hempseed, and chai seeds, all of which contain at least 6 grams of protein per 1/4 cup.


Foods to Avoid on The Hidradenitis Suppurative Diet:

Just as there are foods you should learn to accommodate in order to deal with the condition, there are also foods to avoid in the hidradenitis suppurativa diet, and these are often antonymic to the ones already listed.

foods to avoid with hidradenitis suppurativa
1. Candies and sweets, as well as “junk food” (like potato chips, chocolate bars, etc.) are high in sugar content and can increase the production of fat deposits – we all know the dangers of eating a chocolate bar before a big date, and the inevitable embarrassing zit that follows after. For conditions like hidradenitis suppurativa, this can be even more malignant. Especially where cases are particularly painful or swollen, these should be cut out of your diet altogether.

2. Simple carbohydrates have almost the same effect on the body as sweets, and can cause an insulin spike which exacerbates HS symptoms by increasing the amount of plugged or occluded pores in the body. Refined flour and white bread is often just a ‘calorie filler’, and does nothing more than add unnecessary sugars into the body, which are quickly digested.

3. Processed meats should also be avoided, as well as all types of fast-food like burgers or fried foods. All of these products are very high in calories, and have a high fat content.

4. Carbonated beverages are exceedingly high in sugar content depending on the type and brand. Additionally, as a preemptive way to avoid full-blown cases, a known hidradenitis suppurativa cure and prophylactic is to limit alcohol intake, especially in the form of beer which is often made from simple grains (it may not seem like it, but drinking one beer is the same as eating two pieces of bread).

5. Foods Containing Yeast also should be avoided since yeast breaks down into a form of sugar. Foods containing yeast will only increase inflammation, production of fat deposits and the growth of Candida Albecian. Be sure to check all food labels as yeast is added to many foods from breads, sweets, packaged foods, pre-seasoned nuts, frozen meals, pizzas, and sauces. Even just fully eliminating yeast from your diet may show tremendous benefits in your HS symptoms and overall health.


There’s More!

While dieting is the first, and arguably the best, step in treating and preventing acne inversa, it’s important to remember that the hidradenitis suppurativa diet is only the first step. Other changes to lifestyle should also occur in conjunction with a diet change, and this can involve stopping smoking, losing weight and exercising on a daily basis.


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