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Looking For A Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure? Search No Further!

The condition known as Hidradenitis Suppurativa (or more commonly as acne inversa) is a markedly debilitative skin disease that, left untreated, can result in permanent scarring, increased pain, and even loss of mobility. A proper diagnosis by a licensed dermatologist will determine to what extent the disease has spread or propagated, and also indicates the appropriate hidradenitis suppurativa cure.


What Is Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Hidradenitis Suppurativa CureAcne inversa results from the obstruction of follicular epithelium, or areas on the skin where hair grows. This obstruction can be caused by anything from sweat and oil to pre-existing conditions which can exacerbate clogging of the epithelial layers. Usually this occurs on the face, near the groin in the perianal area, or toward the maxillary areas.

Unlike similar skin conditions like onset acne at puberty, acne inversa usually represents as a chronic disorder, meaning something that is always present or persistent in its relapse. Generally the first stage occurs as a black tip mass not unlike the common ‘blackhead’. However, if the condition is left untreated it can worsen, and lead to inflammation, mucus discharges, and even tunneling of the nearby tissue.

Because it is a chronic non-contagious disease, and because of the many different ways in which it manifests, there are many different hidradenitis suppurativa cures and treatments. Each approach to the illness will vary according to the patient’s history, the severity of the acne inversa, and expected prognosis of the condition.


Treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa Through Diet

A very common hidradenitis suppurativa cure usually involves consultation with the doctor and/or with a dietician to manage the intake of foods. Because it is related to skin and sweat gland obstruction, the easiest and most affordable hidradenitis suppurativa cure is simply limiting the number of high-oil content foods and fatty foods that are ingested.

These generally include processed junk foods like potato chips and chocolate bars, but can also include all fried foods and foods with lots of fat (like butter, bacon, etc.). Additionally, foods that are hot or foods that incur sweating should be avoided, which includes all spicy foods or those containing high quantities of capsaicin.


It is surprising to see how a simple change in diet – either by adding something healthy like anti-oxidants, in the form of blueberries, etc., or taking something away – can have such a positive and immediate effect on the progression of hidradenitis suppurativa as a natural treatment.

Other methods exist to cope with acne inversa, but the first step in combating the illness should be agreed upon by both patient and doctor as a careful analysis of food intake. If the condition doesn’t improve as a result, more drastic measures can be taken, and can include a variety of options.


Other Methodologies

Something else that is very pertinent, especially to patients manifesting for the first time, is an analysis of their own personal hygiene. How often they bathe or shower, and what sort of hygienic practices they undergo, can affect the spread or mitigation of hidradenitis suppurativa drastically. Generally, because we are dealing with a skin contact illness, daily showering is essential – sometimes 2 or more times a day. Additionally, and especially for women who represent a larger population of those at risk of contracting it, choosing to avoid make-up products can also have a positive influence. Some make-up products are very fine, and often end up clogging follicular epithelial surfaces even after a shower.

Because of the high percentage of women afflicted with the disease, contraceptives are another hidradenitis suppurativa cure that are often recommended. This is because the etiology of the disease is not fully known, however hormonal imbalances have been observed in a number of cases, and the application of contraceptives as a way to supplement this imbalance has proven effective.

A more drastic but common treatment is antibiotics. Although they do not always work 100% of the time, certain antibiotics have proven effective in lowering the infection rate and spread, and helping to alleviate secondary infections that occur as a result of abscesses in the skin. It is important to talk with your doctor in order to determine an appropriate regimen, and a correct antibiotic medication, as some are more aggressive in treating infections. Generally a two month course is suggested.


Getting Help Is The First Step

Although it affects only a small percentage of the population, for those who are afflicted with hidradenitis suppurativa a natural treatment is always the preferred way of battling the illness. Many people feel embarrassed by their condition, and trying to alleviate it as quickly as possible is always the primary concern. As we’ve seen, the most affordable and immediate (and easiest to do yourself, without the use of a clinic) is to manage your diet accordingly, and reduce the number of foods that exacerbate or worsen your condition.


And Then I Found The Missing Piece of The Puzzle

Short story, I have spent almost 3 months researching & amassed 60+ hours in the library and with various doctors, nutritionist & GPs. There’s one treatment method by Therese Wilson, I kept coming across again and again called the “Fast Hidradenitis Suppurativa Cure.” I have to admit after so much research, I was a bit skeptical at the sounds of the title, but I read through it all anyway and I’m so glad I did.

It literally gave me the remaining pieces that I needed to move forward with a protocol and help Jane after all these months (and her depression was getting progressive worse prior to this). Therese and her team of professional nutritionists actually talked via email/phone with Jane and I through the best protocol that would work best for her. I will talk more about the protocol and everything we did, but that is for another post.

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