Success Stories

jenniferI’ve been battling HS for 5 years now and when I got your system I was probably at the lowest point of my life. I had no social life and just hated myself and hated the doctors who all told me that it was something I had to learn to live with. You have completely changed my life Therese. Barely 3 weeks on your system, and my skin has cleared up completely!! I feel amazing, have more energy, and I’m even looking forward to putting on my bikini this summer! I owe you my life.

Jennifer Grace
Florida, USA

Happy Testimonials

fabiTherese, I’ve just started […] earlier this week and my abscesses have all went down and the skin around them is no longer red and itchy. My God it really does work. I’m so looking forward to finally getting rid of this horrible disease completely, thank you so much for making your secrets available to everyone.

Fabianne Nolan
Canberra, Australia

georgeTherese, thank you once again for your prompt answer. Your consultations have been invaluable over this last month. I am now happy to report that my hidradenitis suppurativa is completely gone; I’ve been to my doctor yesterday and he just couldn’t believe that there was no sign of it (I’ve been seeing this doctor for almost 5 years so he is well familiar with my condition). I gave him your contact details (hope you don’t mind) as he was very interested in your system. Thank you so much and God bless.

George McGregor
Alabama, USA

My husband and I were very disheartened in 2010 when our daughter was diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa. We tried a lot of costly treatments that were very time-consuming and probably traumatic to her. She even had to endure several surgeries for her abscesses and lesions. Thankfully, about a month ago I discovered your system and bought your guide. All the family implemented the dietary recommendations in your book, and our daughter was started on the protocol you suggested. After about a week we could already see a lot of improvement and now all her boils and lesions are gone. I cannot believe at how quickly her body healed itself. Thank you very much!

Delighted Mother

melissaI have been through so much because of this hideous disease (which I’ve had for 12 years). I’ve found out that doctors are really ignorant about HS and all they do is throw a bucket load of antibiotics at you, which although they helped at bit, eventually the body builds up immunity for them and if you then need them for anything else, you’re pretty much done for. Not to mention the headaches, frequent diarrhoea, and water retention that comes with the antibiotics.

Surgery is a very bad option in my opinion, I’ve had two and each time they removed flesh from my body which left ugly scars…plus the pain and infections that come after surgery are things I do not wish on my worse enemies.

Thankfully I found your system a couple of weeks before my third surgery was scheduled. I’ve went from Stage 3 to Stage 1 in one week, and I have already cancelled the surgery as I’m confident that it will clear up completely in the coming days. Your system has been a godsend and your continuous support and encouragement is priceless. You really have no idea what your system has done for me, and I’ll be forever grateful!

Melissa Brown
London, UK

owenI’ve had HS for three years (32 year old male, used to smoke cigarettes when I was younger). Not coincidentally, I’ve been single for that long too, very depressing. Saw loads of doctors, dermatologists and endocrinologists; tried everything..cycles of Accutane, Prednisone, Remicade, Humira, you name it, I’ve done it. When I bought your system I was very sceptical to be honest, as I really doubted that there was anything on this planet that I hadn’t done already. Boy, was I wrong!! Barely a week and a half on the protocol you suggested to me, my skin started clearing up. The boils shrunk and the lesions healed super quick when I started applying […]. Now, there is no sign of it whatsoever, and I just feel sooo much better. I’ve started going to the gym and often go out with my co-workers. Thank you Therese, and thank you for patiently guiding me through this and answering all my pestering questions, you’re a star.

Owen Mathews
Texas, USA

janeHi Therese. I’m not a patient myself but a naturopath based in Edinburgh. Before I got your guide I wasn’t aware that hidradenitis suppurativa can be cured naturally, but now I’ve used the information in your book to guide 5 patients already, and they were all cured within 2 months. Your guide should be a must-have for every doctor, dermatologist and naturopath; it’s a shame that they keep pushing expensive and potentially harmful treatments when better results can be achieved through a holistic and natural method. Keep up the good work!

Jane McGill
Edinburh, UK

I had been a long term sufferer of HS and was very depressed. I am married with two kids and had no life. I was always in pain as my condition was in my groin and backside. Which also didn’t allow for much intimacy with my husband. He was always good…he didn’t fully understand what I was going through and he didn’t really want to hear about it. I had several surgeries to remove this horrible things and with each time they only get worse. I am now missing 3/4 of my left labia due to my latest surgery. I was feeling more and more worthless and disgusted at myself.

I found your web page three weeks ago while surfing the web late at night and figured I had nothing to lose. Turns out it was the best decision I have ever made in my life… I could see marked improvements just days of starting your system, and now, almost three weeks later, I only have some red marks on my skin left (which I’m confident will be gone soon). No lesions, no boils, no pus, no oozing, no smell, no painful lumps…all gone!! I am ecstatic and so is my husband!! Thank you so much, I’ll be keeping in touch.

Marianne S.
Toronto, Canada

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